Tree Sale

The City of Richfield's tree sale offers trees at a discounted price to residents. We encourage residents to especially replant a tree after one is lost to disease, emerald ash borer, or storms, or just to increase our urban canopy!

How to Order:

  • Order online 
  • Over the phone or in person at the Community Center (7000 Nicollet Ave)

Orders must be submitted before Friday, May 3, 2024. Quantities are limited, and orders are processed on a first-come, first-served pre-pay system. Purchasers will be notified by email confirmation. Trees sold through this sale are not under warranty. 

Trees will be available for pickup on Saturday, May 4, 2024, from 9 am - 12 pm at Richfield Public Works (1901 E 66th St). If this date changes, residents who have purchased trees will be contacted directly with follow-up information. Residents must be able to transport the tree home (trees are a max of 7 feet tall).

Trees available for sale (supplies are limited; some species are sold out):

  • Hackberry - $48.95
  • Bur Oak - $43.95
  • Red Oak - $59.95 SOLD OUT
  • Swamp White Oak - $59.95
  • River Birch - $49.95 SOLD OUT
  • Blue Beech - $55.95 SOLD OUT
  • Serviceberry - $61.95 SOLD OUT

For species selection, planting, and tree care information, see the information below and view the site selection chart.

Choosing a Tree and Ordering:

  • Trees offered in bare root form are lightweight and easy to transport. They should be kept in a cool and moist place (but not directly into water) and planted within 1-2 days from pickup to ensure roots do not dry out. 
  • Trees offered in pots (containers) should be “box” cut with a hand saw before planting. If they are kept in a cool spot and watered, they can be planted as time permits. 
  • Not sure it’s worth buying a “smaller” tree instead of hiring a contractor to install a larger tree? Consider that for every inch in stem diameter, the tree will go through a year of transplant shock where it will only grow roots. Smaller diameter trees establish root systems and start growing taller/wider faster. In many cases because of their exceptional root systems, bare-root trees can outgrow their “larger” tree counterparts simply due to the number of roots present at planting time and their ability to establish. 


Care and Maintenance: 

  • Planting is a stressful experience for the tree being planted. It takes time for the tree to start growing new roots and establish in its new landscape. 
  • A rule of thumb is that it takes 1 year for every inch of trunk diameter for a tree to establish in the landscape. For a 2-inch tree, it may take 2 years for the tree to establish its root system and start growing more branches and increasing in trunk size. 
  • Consistent watering and mulching can help trees better establish. 
  • Newly planted trees need to be watered 15-25 gallons of water each week, watering can be skipped if it rained 1 inch or more that week. If you have heavy clay soil that does not drain well, you can kill the tree roots by over-watering and need to monitor soil moisture more closely.  
  • Consider using a gator bag to water your new tree.
  • Stop watering your tree once the ground freezes and remove gator bags if you are using them.
  • Rodents and other animals may try to climb your new tree or peel its bark during the winter, you can use a tree guard to protect it from this type of damage.
  • For guidelines on watering and mulching your new plants, watch videos created by the Minnesota DNR