Garbage and Recycling

Richfield provides curbside collection of garbage, recycling, organics recycling, yard waste, and bulky item collection services for single-family homes, duplexes, and townhomes that have opted into city service. Please follow these guidelines to make sure your carts are able to be emptied:

  • Put carts out on your collection day before 7 a.m. or put them out the night before.
  • All carts should be rolled to the alley or driveway – not placed in the street.
  • Place carts within 3 feet from the curb/alley, with the lids opening towards the street/alley.
  • Place carts at least 3 feet from any other carts, extra bags or items, and structures such as mailboxes, lamp posts, cars and garages.
  • Place your carts on as level of a surface as possible and away from low-hanging tree branches.
  • During winter months, be sure to clear snow and/or ice from around your carts.

New residents moving in: Please fill out this form to sign up for service. 
Selling your home or are you a renter moving out? Fill out this form. This will also cancel your city utilities (water, etc.).

Hauler Zones and Service Days
Click here for an interactive map that shows the hauler zones and service days. Click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner and type your address in the box. Click on your address box to see the information.

Richfield Service Guide
Click here to view the 2024 services guide. This includes rates, service calendar, accepted items, and more. 

**Pricing notes: The recycling rate is determined in part by a commodity sort and market rates. The 2024 rate increased because recyclables were worth less over the previous 12 months than they were before. That means the base rate is not affected as much as residents pay closer to the contract price. When markets are good, then residents pay less because there is more of a credit. This is why the 2023 rate was so much lower. Additionally, the organics price is based in part on participation. Richfield has over 30% of households participating, therefore we are in a different price bracket. These rate changes are separate from the annual escalator negotiated in the contract. **

Sign up for Organics Collection 

Residents can sign up at any time by contacting their hauler or City staff at 612-861-9188 or Residents have to sign up for organics service to receive a cart, but all residents are charged for the service. To learn more about what organics includes, click here.

Walk-Up Service Form
Residents needing assistance bringing their carts to the curb/alley may apply for walk-up service. Carts need to be set out to a location accessible to both the resident and hauler. The service is provided at no extra charge for those needing it due to disabilities or other limitations. If residents request it for convenience reasons, there is a service charge. City staff will verify the viability of the walk-up service request and will share the information with the resident's hauler. 

Program Exemption ("Opt-out") Form 
The citywide garbage and recycling program requires all eligible residents to participate in order to be successful. It is expected that residents have means to properly dispose of garbage, recycling and yard waste materials, even if they do not participate in the program. An application is required in order to process the request to not participate. Sharing garbage service is not an approved alternative collection method.

2024 Service Rates 

Directions Service Quarterly Cost (including all taxes and fees) Annual Cost (including all taxes and fees) *just for reference; billing occurs quarterly*
Pick one option (service is required) 35 Gallon Trash (biweekly) 30.06 120.24
35 Gallon Trash (weekly) 38.21 152.86
65 Gallon Trash (weekly) 48.51 194.04
95 Gallon Trash (weekly) 58.80 235.22
Required Recycling (biweekly, any size) 21.44 85.76
Required charge; opt in for cart Organics (weekly, 32 gallon) 16.22 64.89
Optional Yard Waste (April 15-Nov 30) N/A 106.09
Optional Yard Waste, pay-per-bag $5.30 per bag  

Hauler Contact Information:

Republic Services  (952) 941-5174 Website
Aspen Waste Systems  (612) 884-8000  Website
Waste Management (952) 890-1100 Website

Questions or feedback? Contact or (612) 861-9188.