Utilities and Water Resources

In Richfield, we believe that stormwater, surface water, groundwater, drinking water, and wastewater are all one interconnected resource, and should be managed from a comprehensive, "one water" mindset. Just as all water is interconnected, we are all connected to it: we depend on healthy waters for drinking, cleaning, fishing, recreation, and habitat. Therefore, sustainable and responsible management of water resources is crucial to ensure the benefits of healthy waters for years to come.

Rates and Billing: Pay your utility bill, set up and close utility accounts, view billing rate structures, and get real-time water use information via WaterSmart.
Water Utility: Learn about Richfield's Water Treatment Plant, drinking water quality, wellhead protection, backflow prevention, and hydrant flushing.
Storm and Surface Waters: View the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, the Surface Water Management Plan, report illicit discharges, and find watershed information.
Wastewater Utility: Learn about preventing backups, inflow and infiltration, and where your wastewater goes.
Utility Projects: Keep up-to-date on utility and water quality projects.
Waters of Richfield: Follow water's journey through Richfield with this StoryMap.
Minnesota State Statute 216D requires anyone who participates in excavation to provide at least two working days of advance notice to Gopher State One Call. 
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