Winter Parking and Snow Plowing

Richfield's snowplow crews try to clear the streets as quickly as possible after a snowfall so that driving is safer and easier for everyone. High volume "minor arterial roads" are plowed first along with sidewalks, then neighborhood "collector" streets, local residential streets, and finally alleys. The City also plows City-owned sidewalks and parking lots. 

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For decades, a snow emergency was declared after two inches of snow or more had fallen in Richfield. At that time, residents would need to remove their vehicles from the city's roads until they had been plowed curb-to-curb. This ordinance and the plow crew's commitment to efficiency and effectiveness led to Richfield being known as one of the best snow removal operations in the Twin Cities metro. However, over time the department learned that its policies may not have been serving all residents equitably, mainly in regards to the ticketing and towing of residents' vehicles who did not have access to off-street parking.

Interested residents who have questions, comments and concerns about the program should contact Deputy Public Works Director Chris Link by calling 612-861-9174 or emailing    

SNOW EMERGENCY PARKING AREAS2023_Snow_Emergency_Parking_Areas

The City of Richfield utilizes select snow emergency parking areas. Residents who do not have access to off-street parking can utilize these areas for parking during a snow emergency without the possibility of their vehicles being ticketed and towed.

These parking areas will be available for a total of 24 hours after a snow emergency is declared. After the 24 hour emergency parking period has expired, the city will begin clearing snow in these areas and any cars that remain are subject to a ticket and tow, per normal procedure. For these parking areas to work correctly, it is important that residents promptly retrieve their vehicles after their street or parking lot has been cleared.

In all 392 parking spaces will be available on Cedar Avenue.


A snow emergency is automatically in effect after four inches of snow has fallen. After four inches of snow has fallen, parking on the street is prohibited until the streets have been plowed curb to curb. Vehicles in violation may be ticketed and/or towed.

1305.13. - Snow removal.

Subdivision 1. Snow emergency parking restrictions. After a snowfall of four (4) inches or more and/or upon the declaration of a snow emergency by the City manager or a designee, no person shall stop, stand, park or leave any vehicle or permit it to stand upon any street or highway. Lawful parking may be resumed on such streets or highways only after the snow has been removed or plowed curb to curb. Parking during a snow emergency is allowed pursuant to any emergency procedures or policies approved by the City Manager under subdivision 2 of this subsection. 

Richfield Snow Information Hotline: 612-861-9178

If your car is towed please call Chiefs Towing at 952-888-2201


It is illegal to place your trash or recycling can in the street, alley, or sidewalk.  The cans interfere with plowing, sweeping, and become a hazard to pedestrians and traffic.  Please keep your trash cans behind the curb and off of the street and sidewalk!