Vacant Building Registration

Vacant buildings can have an adverse effect on the livability of a community especially when not managed and maintained. They may be used as dumping grounds for debris, overgrown with weeds, long grass, and attract squatters or other illegal activity. The ordinance was created to ensure vacant buildings remain secure, safe and maintained. Registration also ensures an owner understands the obligations of ownership under relevant City codes. Monthly inspections are conducted by City staff and on a complaint basis. The ordinance applies to both residential and non-residential property.

Vacant buildings must be registered with the City within 90 days of becoming vacant. There is not an exception due to renovation of a vacant home.  A vacant building registration form, property plan, and fee is required before the City will register a vacant building. This process must be completed annually if a property remains vacant. If registration is not completed after notification to an owner, the vacant building fee may be certified against the property.

See link below for the vacant building registration form.

Vacant Building Registration Application

For more information on the vacant building guidelines you may reference Section 925 of the Richfield City Code.