Richfield Softball Cooperative Sports League

The city of Richfield has teamed up with Cities Sports Connection to offer Adult Coed Softball league play in the city of Richfield.  Teams consist of 10 players (generally 6M/4F) on the field at all times. We recommend rosters of 15+ people per team. Teams rotate Male/Female throughout the batting order based on gender breakdown in the field. All teams will play a total of 8-10 games (including post-season games) during each league season!  CSC offers full Spring, Summer & Fall league seasons in the City of Richfield, so we can all maximize our outdoor recreational activity time each year.

Game times vary each week on your league day. For more information on registration and rules, please visit

For Specific Questions, contact below
p: 612-929-9009

Dates:  Spring Season Starts April 11 - June 7
              Summer Season Starts June 13 - August 17
              Fall Season August 22 - October 12

Contact Information
Richfield Community Center
7000 Nicollet Avenue, Richfield, MN 55423