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Welcome 2024 Richfield Wednesday night Adult Basketball Players and Captains!

My name is Jeremy Johnson and I'm excited to have a new position overseeing sports programming for the City of Richfield.  We've moved our league over to Richfield High School and have grown this season to 12 teams.  Access for all games will be on the south end of Richfield High School through the GYMNASIUM Entrance (I'll update this with door number when I get that info).  There's a schedule posted below showing the plan for the regular season.  When you come through the entrance, gyms will be down the hall on the right.  Note that week to week we always have the center court which is Gym 2.  The "secondary court" then is going to rotate between Gym 1 and Gym 3.  I believe there's another group that will overlap with us on 5 nights and they're scheduled on the second wood floor court.  So our secondary court games will have us using the sport court gym (baskets and size all the same as Gym 2) and the second wood floor court for 3 games. Games will be at either 7:00pm, 8:00pm or 9:00pm week to week.  I will be at game nights so I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.  There's a link to a roster sheet below that you can fill out ahead of time or I will have some for your first game.  I want this back from each captain by the end of your first game.  This is separate from any scoresheets and will just help me know who will be participating on your team.

Helpful Information for our league

  • Games will consist of two 20 minute halves.  
  • First half is entirely running time
  • Second half is running time with stop time final 2 minutes (unless a team is up by 15 points or more)
  • Each team will have two 1-minute timeouts for entire game to be used in either half.
  • If game is tied at end of regulation, we're going with a 2-minute stop time overtime period.  If still tied after this, we'll move to sudden death with next point winning.
  • This is a NO DUNKING league.  I certainly can't dunk and wish that I could, but we're not going to allow dunking so we can protect the district's baskets that we're pleased to be allowed to use. 
  • Referees and Staff will be working to keep games running on schedule.  This is a major point of emphasis this season.
  • A single elimination tournament will be taking place the two weeks following the regular season schedule
  • Please reach out to me as soon as possible if you're unable to field a team for a scheduled game.  I may be able to reach out to find another team willing to stay for a scrimmage or at the very least communicate with your opponent.
  • There's more information in Manager Handbook that I'll review and make sure it updated and accurate.  It's the responsibility of the manager to help ensure that all players are following rules and procedures along with representing our league  well by highlighting and encouraging sportsmanship and respect for all players, captains, staff and referees.
Basketball Bulletin and Rules
Basketball Bulletin Rules and Manager Handbook

Roster Sheet

Rosters are due after the first game.  The max roster size is 12 people.  You can add players to your roster before each game just as long as you stay under 12.  You can prefill your roster before your season starts.  The minimum ask is your team name so that we can get the schedule going asap.  You can find the roster sheet below.

Roster Form

Schedule and standings
2024 Schedule

Contact Information

Recreation Supervisor/League Director 
Jeremy Johnson
Richfield Community Center  
7000 Nicollet Avenue, Richfield, MN 55423