Sponsor-A-Vet Program

Provided To Assist With The Cost Of Purchasing An Engraving

What is the Sponsor-A-Vet Program?

The Sponsor-A-Vet program is a way to provide financial assistance to honor a veteran. Eligible participants can receive up to $200 towards the purchase of an engraving.

How to apply

To apply for the program, please write a brief note to the HAVM Board, explaining your need for financial assistance, and submit it in care of

c/o John Evans
Richfield Community Center
7000 Nicollet Avenue
Richfield, MN 55423

Program Guidelines

  1. All applications submitted to the Sponsor-A-Vet Program must be accompanied by a letter stating the requester's need for assistance. 
  2. The maximum amount of assistance awarded by the Sponsor-A-Vet Program will be $200.00 per application.
  3. The Sponsor-A Vet Program may subsidize up to 3 donations per family group. A "family group" is defined as ALL RELATED FAMILY MEMBERS REQUESTING naming on the Honoring All Veterans Memorial monument.
  4. If a Family Group application is submitted, even those which may include a Sponsor-A-Vet Program application, none of the names will be submitted for engraving until all applications are PAID IN FULL.
  5. All Sponsor-A-Vet Program requests will be reviewed by the Honoring All Veterans Memorial Board or the Sponsor-A-Vet Subcommittee according to the above-listed criteria. Once a determination has been rendered, the requestor will be notified in writing of the Board/Subcommittee's decision. This process could take approximately four to six weeks. For information about the Sponsor-A-Vet program, contact John Evans at 612-861-9395 or email