Taft Bike Park

62nd Street & Bloomington Avenue
Located on the west side of Taft Park

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The Taft Bike Park, located on the west side of Taft Park at 62nd Street and Bloomington Avenue, provides different off-road bike features, like berms, rock features, rollers, jumps, pump track (including a smaller one for the tots), sloped wood decking, and more.  The Taft Bike Park is a partnership between Three Rivers Park District and the City of Richfield and is free to use. The park was constructed by Pathfinder Trail Building LLC.

-Parking Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit...


  • Wear proper safety equipment. No helmet = no ride. Knee and elbow pads recommended.
  • Keep your bike under control at all times.
  • Look before you ride. DO NOT ride outside your skill level.
  • Take turns and keep a safe distance between riders.
  • Trail is one way (clockwise).
  • Stay on designated trails; DO NOT modify the trail or trail features.
  • Follow all directional arrows.
  • No motorized cycles, ATV or vehicles allowed.
  • DO NOT use trail during wet conditions.
  • Announce when approaching other riders.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • Be courteous. Support each other and share the trail with other riders.


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