Augsburg Skatepark

Augsburg Park (straight south of the Richfield Community Center)
7000 Nicollet Avenue (Community Center parking lot)

The Augsburg Skatepark, located just south of the Richfield Community Center at 70th and Nicollet Avenue, is a tier-one skate park designed to simulate a streetscape, with steps, railings, and concrete benches.  The park is open during daylight hours.

Please observe all skate park rules regarding conduct and safety equipment.

Upcoming Classes and Events

Expansion Project (2024)

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2024-05-06 RichfieldMN_100CD_Page_06
Work began in June 2024 to expand the skate park. The expansion will incorporate the old basketball court that was immediately adjacent to the existing skate park features. Here's one of the renderings and a description from our grant application to Hennepin County:
The expansion is designed to accommodate skateboards, strider bikes, scooters, BMX bikes and more. The expansion will provide entry-level skate features that are welcoming to those who are new to the sport, as well as more experienced users. The newly designed area will complement the existing skate park, providing a layout that separates the easier features from the more advanced features, all existing in the same social space.
The expansion project is approximately 6,000 square feet, and includes a wide variety of features; 50% will be street style and 50% will be transition style, resulting in a skate park that provides experiences for everyone. Highlights of the addition include a pump track, low-to-the-ground rails, flat bars, ledges and banks. The entire skate park, when complete, will maintain its tier one status (no surfaces will exceed a height of 40”).