Architectural Home Consultation

Meet with an architect in your home

Discuss your home improvement and remodeling ideas with an architect during a 2-hour consultation in the convenience of your home.

635816297030400000987Consulting with an architect can help ensure that your project:

  • Integrates smoothly with your existing home
  • Meets your functional and aesthetic needs
  • And is compatible with the look and feel of your neighborhood

The consultation is a $250 value, but is offered to you for only $50! The remaining fee is subsidized by the City of Richfield.

Important Program Information:

  • There is a limit of one architectural consultation visit per household 
  • The program is for Richfield residents only
  • This is a consultation only. The architect will not provide you with floor plans or drawings.
  • There is no expectation that you will hire the architect beyond the 2-hour consultation. They can tell you about the process of working with an architect, and you may decide to continue working with them on your own. 

For more inspiration, check out Cape Cods & Ramblers: A Remodeling Planbook for Post-WWII Houses

Getting Started:

  • Click the 'Program Registration' button below to register for the program. You will be sent a confirmation email within 5 business days.
  • Review the list of architects participating in this program (PDF) . Explore their websites and portfolios to get a sense of which architect best meets your project's and family's style.
  • If you wish, select a few architects to interview. Call or email, identifying yourself as a participant in the Richfield Architectural Home Consultation program.
  • Once you've received your confirmation email, select an architect and contact them to set up a time the consultation. Have your thoughts and ideas organized and ready to discuss so that you can maximize the benefits you get from the consultation.
  • At the time of the consultation, pay the $50 co-pay directly to the architect. They will invoice the City of Richfield for the remaining fee.

Program Registration

Participating Architects: