Deferred Loan Program

Forgivable Loans for Home Maintenance Projects

Do you have a home maintenance project that needs to get done to make your home safer or healthier? The Deferred Loan program can help you pay for this necessary work through a loan program that offers several benefits:
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  • Loans up to $30,000
  • For owner-occupied, single family homes
  • Income limits apply (see table below)
  • No monthly payments
  • No interest
  • The loan is due upon sale of the home or is forgiven after 30 years.

Contact the Deferred Loan Program team at Hennepin County at 612-543-4182 for more information.

Household Size   80% AMI
1 person $68,500
2 person $78,250
 3 person $88,050
 4 person $97,800
 5 person $105,650
 6 person $113,450
 7 person $121,300

Income limits effective as of April, 2024.