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2024 Election

March 5th, 2024 - Presidential Nomination Primary
August 13th, 2024 - Primary Election 
November 5th, 2024 - General Election

Learn more about the 2024 PNP Election. 

To view a sample ballot and see who has filed for candidacy: What's On My Ballot?

There are three ways you can vote in Minnesota:
1. At your polling place on Election Day
2. Vote absentee (early) by mail            
3. Vote absentee (early) in-person        

Voter Registration
You can pre-register to vote by:
The deadlines for pre-registration are:
  • February 13 for the March 5 PNP Election.
Do not fear if you are not pre-registered to vote by the deadline! You can register on Election Day at your polling location. Learn more about Election Day Registration

Check if you are registered to vote

Election Day Voting
Polling places are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. You have a right to take the time off you need from work to vote (Letter to employers from Secretary of State, Steve Simon).

Where do I vote?
How can I get assistance voting?
There are many ways to get help when you vote: you can bring someone to help, ask an election judge, use a ballot-marking machine to help you mark your ballot, or even vote from your car. Learn more about voting assistance

Absentee (Early) Voting
Absentee voting is the process of voting before election day and can also be called voting early or early voting. Any eligible voter can absentee vote. Hennepin County assists the City of Richfield with absentee voting. You can track the status of your absentee ballot through the Secretary of State's website.

Absentee voting starts 46 days prior to an election:
  • January 19 for the March 5 Presidential Nomination Primary Election. 
  • February 16 is when direct balloting begins (this is when you can put the ballot directly in the ballot machine during early voting).
Vote early by mail
  1. A voter fills out an absentee ballot application.
    • This application can be filled out online or on paper.
      • Online applicants will need to provide an email address. 
      • Paper applications should be mailed or emailed directly to Hennepin County (The address and email are on page two of the application). 
    • Voters need to provide the last 4 of their social security number or Minnesota Driver's License/ID Number.
  2. The voter receives the ballot. 
    • A ballot and materials would be mailed from Hennepin County.
      • Be sure to follow the instructions provided!
      • A witness is required. A witness can be a Notary Public or a registered Minnesota voter.
  3. Return the voted ballot. The ballot must be received before 3 p.m. on election day.
    • Use the pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope to Hennepin County. 
    • Election mail is high priority to the US Post Office; however, you may choose to express courier or hand-deliver your ballot to Hennepin County. 
    • Drop off your own ballot at the Richfield Municipal Center during regular business hours. You may drop off ballots for up to three other voters and it will be noted. Voted ballots are securely locked, reviewed by our absentee ballot board, and couriered to Hennepin County. 
Vote early in-person
The City of Richfield is open to Richfield voters for in-person absentee voting during regular business hours 46 days prior to the election along with the last Saturday (3/2) before election day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the Monday (3/4) before election day until 5 p.m. Seven days prior to the election, agent delivery will be available. Beginning February 16, 2024, direct balloting will be available; direct balloting allows the voter to place their ballot into a ballot counter. 
  1. A voter fills out an absentee ballot application. These are available at City Hall. 
    • Voters will need to provide the last 4 of their social security number or Minnesota Driver's License/ID Number. We do not need to see your identification unless you are an unregistered voter or if the identifying information does not match. 
    • During the direct balloting period, there is a different absentee ballot application. 
  2. The clerk will check you in and give you a ballot.
    • During the regular absentee period, there will be a series of envelopes that will protect your voting privacy. 
    • During the direct balloting period, no envelopes will be used.
  3. Return the ballot  
    • During the regular absentee period, the clerk will verify that you've signed the signature envelope and will be your witness. Once your ballot is returned, it will be securely locked, reviewed by our absentee ballot board, and couriered to Hennepin County. 
    • During the direct balloting period, you will place your own ballot into a ballot counter.
What happens to my ballot at Hennepin County?
Before absentee ballots can be counted, they must be accepted. Learn about the process of accepting and counting absentee ballots.
The Hennepin County Elections Department has created videos that describe their process: 

Election Resources

General Contact Information 
MN Secretary of State

Hennepin County Voting & Elections 

City of Richfield Elections