Strategic Planning

Why strategic planning? 

According to research done by the Harvard Business Journal, 85 percent of executive leadership teams spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy, 50 percent spend no time at all. Not a great indicator of organizational success. The City of Richfield is taking a different tack by creating its own strategic plan. 

The city’s strategic plan will identify goals for the organization internally, and the city as a whole. With population demographics changing, recent elected official turnover and new additions to the city’s leadership team, a unified approach to decision making and resource allocation is crucial. The strategic plan aims to create a road map that will guide city leaders for the next 3-5 years.

Past strategic planning successes in Richfield

Where the 2023 Richfield Strategic Plan may be the first formal attempt to create an organization-wide roadmap, individual city departments have been relying on their own decision-making plans, in some cases, for decades. The Community Development Department has led the city’s Comprehensive Planning process since the 1960s. The Comprehensive Plan is similar to a strategic plan in that it gathers data and public input, sets goals and develops a plan to meet those goals.

Much like the Comprehensive Plan, which guides Richfield’s development efforts, the strategic plan will bring residents together to create a collective vision for the services the city offers.


City staff launched an extensive engagement campaign to obtain feedback from residents, businesses, schools and other city organizations. The engagement process included a public survey and focus groups. More than 600 Richfield residents and other city stakeholders responded to the strategic planning survey. 

Focus groups 

Eight focus groups were held as part of the strategic planning process. These focus groups included everyone from community leaders to faith leaders to our disabilities community, as well as many more important stakeholders. Feedback from the focus groups will be incorporated into the final strategic plan. 

Community meetings 

Draft final plan 

Once both the internal data collection and conversations are paired with the public engagement process, a preliminary and then the final report will be presented, reviewed and adopted by the city council as part of the 2023 budget process.


Residents who have questions about the strategic planning process should contact management analyst Chris Swanson.