Sidewalk Poetry


The Arts Commission has chosen 29 more poems to be installed in 2020 along 66th Street, between 35W and Portland Avenue. The work is being completed in the late summer of 2020 and the map below will be updated as they're installed.


The Arts Commission is not currently accepting submissions.  Check back in 2021!

For the next phase of poems, up to 25 poems will be selected; the Richfield Arts Commission will solely determine the location of each selected poem.  All artists (young or old, professional or amateur writers) are welcome to submit poetry for consideration.  Poems must be original work.  The Arts Commission encourages poems that explore a “Families Flourishing” theme, creating a sense of pride through vibrant, imaginative, innovative art that engages people in the community and builds a strong city.


Please submit up to two poems. Text and subject matter must be appropriate for the general public.  Note that the concrete stencil characters are limited and may not be able to reproduce some symbols and characters. Poems must be within a maximum of 10 lines (including the title), 40 characters per line (including spaces) and 320 characters overall (including spaces).

All entries will be reviewed by members of the Richfield Arts Commission.  Selected poets will not receive monetary compensation but will be recognized on the City website and sidewalk art directory.  Some selected poems may receive editing suggestions from the Arts Commission. Poems will be selected from a youth category (17 and under) and an adult category (18+).  Age is determined by the poet’s age on the contest deadline date (2/14/20).


The deadline to enter poetry is February 14, 2020, 3:00 pm.  Selected poems will be announced by May 21, 2020.


Original poems, selected by the Richfield Arts Commission, were sandblasted into the sidewalks along 66th Street and Portland Avenue.  See the map below with the poet's name by the quill marker; click on the marker to see the poem. Note: you may need to zoom in to view a poet's name.

Photos below are from the poetry installation (July 2019).

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66th Street Poems (2019)

Poem Location Poet
Family Family, a unit, not always of blood, but of love. Caring for each other not always of duty, but of choice. Lifestyles change. We need to feel safe and secure. Acceptance emerges keeping our families flourishing. 44.883548N,93.255689W Doris Arnold
This sidewalk where I lay, a hidden gem, tucked away. I have seen many a face, a different smile, a different race. One big beautiful melting pot, this is America, is it not? Sadly, it's not always this way, with all the violence we see everyday. I'm just glad to be here, right now,' cause it'll all turn out okay, somehow. 44.883414N,93.254731W Ruby Mathiason
Long ago families came More arrived & did the same Making homes on family farms Welcoming others with open arms Neighborhoods grow, stretching blocks A clothesline of t-shirts, aprons, socks Fresh & bright like crayons in a box Adding new ideas & thoughts Colorful flags waving on streets In faces of families & neighbors we meet 44.883479N, 93.252379W Sandy Clay
As you walk Reading wisdom at your feet Hold your head high And listen to the beat Of the roundabouts Orchestrating streets To uplift all the magical repeats Of our City as its beautiful hearts beat Welcome home 44.883639N,93.262427W Kim Houle
Limitations do not exist I, in my wholeness, am limitless I do not need legs to dance A voice to sing, ears to hear Or eyes to see For the heart does all these things I am whole I am perfect I am limitless In loving memory of my Lizzie 44.883589N,93.263807W Emily Gold
Walk With Me You are my mother My father My sister My brother United we stand Together strong Together free Step by step We become a family 44.883701N,93.308849W Karen Molosky
The day awaits The sun’s rays glow It’s time to take that step, you know It’s time to reach Inside and see Who you are and soon will be. The path ahead is shining bright From deepest dreams awake to light So take that step towards something new The whole wide world awaits for you. 44.883311N,93.301205W Sandy Clay
Lily, Rose, Daisy and William. Growing. Budding. Blooming. Fading. Such is the circle of nature. Nothing so unique as each miracle of life. Nothing so beautiful as the garden called family 44.883451N,93.316403W Cheryl W. Wilke
Fly Us Home Learning how to ride a bike Climbing the neighbor's tree Swimming all day at the Pool Those childhood days were carefree Richfield families, born and raised Each story their own poem Crystal clear as angel wings These memories fly us home 44.883457N,93.308503W Carol Gronner
Mother, you brought me into this world. You watched me take my first breaths. You watched me grow. You helped me find out who I was, You accepted me for who I am and did not try to change me. You encouraged me to be hopeful when all seemed lost. You knew I was different yet loved me. You loved me unconditionally and forever 44.883249N,93.304206W Justin Thompson
Mom's posture of heart If help you can give, let it be done. It was her humble creed. Find some means to be a gift to someone. For so many are in need. Stranger, neighbor, friend or brother. Such labels matter not. A final lesson from my dear mother. The most important one she ever taught. 44.883458N,93.313947W Robert Mitchell
Welcome to Richfield, 55423Where strangers become friends You soon will see So put down roots Follow your pursuits Set your goals Tackle new roles Chase your dreams both big and small In the city with heart In the heart of it all 44.883462N,93.312645W Jessica Mathias Coners
Surfing a wave on a breeze Watch as I climb to the sky Run catch a gust as I rise with ease Tight on my string watch me fly Higher and higher I master the flight And wiggle my tail in delight As I lift and dip I pitch and slip Roll over and flutter and flap My tail swirls as it waves to the world And kisses a cloud with a slap 44.883645N,93.312248W Lorelee Miller
We are Commuters working Youngsters playing Students studying Seniors relaxing Neighbors blending We are Families Flourishing 44.883502N,93.296660W Ellen Smith
Family is a word for connected Not for similar or separated We are together as one Not alone and never done We must love each other Not hate one another It's time to make a change So don't act strange We must believe in others Cause we are all sisters and brothers 44.883391N,93.261424W Amelia Rheinhart
I found a diamond shining bright beyond the rough black night. See it? It can be found! For when it is buffed, polished out of the rough black night, the diamond resonates with potential, tenacity, respect, support and trust. I see that diamond, shining bright, lighter than a rough black night. I found a diamond!!! 44.883329N, 93.252699W Joyce Marrie
Beautiful Richfield, our urban hometown From 494 up to the Crosstown Lakes and trees, butterflies and bees Gardens that nourish Families that flourish People of all ages, in all life’s stages These are the reasons why It’d be hard to say goodbye But wherever in this world you roam Richfield Minnesota will always be home 44.883390N,93.258434W Jessica Mathias Coners
The Grove The tallest tree was once a seed Struggling to plant its roots fed by rain and sun to thrive to one day bear its fruits then after years of endeavor once the canopy has rose where it once stood solitary now it stands among a grove 44.883251N,93.296830W Alex Dahl
I am a Puerto Rican female I have light brown eyes and curly hair I am from a family of 9 I am from rice, beans & tamales I'm a product of a community that treats others of different races as less I'm a driven individual that will not see myself as others do, I'm a strong beautiful, artistic Puerto Rican women 44.883414N,93.263909W Shayla Colon
Dawn Haiku The gray sky lightened iced pink and chilled tangerine winter dawn, so brief 44.883605N,93.257496W Susan Johnsrud Newman

66th Street Poems (2020)

 Poem Location  Poet 
Be Yourself If you believe in expressing your self In anyway that you need Just for being yourself We are all proud of you indeed Let your thoughts sing As open minds you will bring Welcome arms Welcome hearts You are a human being 44.8827959, -93.2907563 Jeff Hannah
Dandelion A lone dandelion rests its tired roots Blissfully unaware of a storm’s arrival Then, ravenous fires devour the woods And now its children flee for survival Out of the charred woods, they’re safe Carried by the winds to a lush field Now they gather and start a new life Building a future yet to be revealed 44.8831309, -93.2898175 Karma Dhingotsang
You Will Just keep going, As you always have No matter the weight, You will be strong Just keep going, As you always do No matter the distance, You will last Just keep going, As you always can No matter the pain, You will endure Just keep going, As you always will No matter where you are, You will make it home. 44.8831682, -93.2884067 Molly Ramm Link
When first you look down at cement You see its faded lines; Its pitted marks & wandering cracks It's seen some better times But then you see its poetry The way it speaks to you In wordless paths and promises Its blemishes construe--a mark, a map A meaning & a mix of old & new--a hunt for hidden treasure hiding inside you 44.883272, -93.2852776 Sandy Clay
EXPANSION My larger veins and arteries are the branches of the trees My larger breath is the wind that blows My greater tears are the rains and snows The larger beating of my heart Is the pulse of the tides as day and night part My very soul will have no end as I live on through family and friend 44.883565429386145, -93.28448230095553 Gail Speckmann
true strength lies not in never breaking down, but rather in picking up the shattered pieces again and again. Lovingly putting aside what no longer fits and searching for new pieces to complete your mosaic Showing the world what you built from the ruins and vowing to move forward united in divine humanity 44.8835545, -93.283572 Emily Gold
streets we grew up on these streets we made memories on these streets whether if they were good or bad it made us who we are today we all met amazing people here you probably still talk to them every street has a story never forget about these streets 44.8835535, -93.2822618 Andrick Ramos
vengo del campo del fuerte sol dándome la espaldade trabajar para que no les falte nada vengo de que gente me descrimine por no hablar inglés por no tener la educación nesesaria ellos no saben a lo que nos enfrentamos día a día no saben lo que es "seguir el sueño americano" 44.8833176, -93.2797264 Angely Burgos
The steps, the thousand of steps in the hot desert of Mexico to the cold snow of a place we now call home The steps that weaken your body Day & Night The steps for the ´American Dream´ The steps of an immigrant dream All for me The steps I will now take for you 44.8832461, -93.2784363 Michelle Diaz Roldan
Down the street, there is a house full of kids. Right next door live their grandparents. Across the street, there is a school full of kids, all of them ours. Up the street, there is a restaurant full of families that make a family. On this street. Here. This. Is home. 44.883225, -93.2780101 Maggie Weiss
Mink'a That word is like Unity A call for assistance from the community Stop what you're doing to go and serve For, when called, it can not be unheard This word holds depth beyond translation For it is a feeling or sensation Of wonder and fascination This word's meaning is beyond you or me A word like unity, a word meaning We. 44.8836443, -93.2780343 Helen Grote
we are all family we may not know one another we may not live with one another we may not be related to one another but that's not what makes us family we are kind to one another we are trusting to one another we help one another we care for one another that's what makes us family 44.883383208748555, -93.2759591738327 Christopher Hoban
The Family Tree When I look around at the Family Tree, I see a beautiful sight. Every leaf represents a story, A story still to write. Every Story is different, There is no two alike, And Everyone’s Together, Joining in the light 44.8834107, -93.2708915 Noah Mayer
Remember the days we spent in the sun? Never wanting to go home because we were having too much fun. Remember the laughter and smiles as we waded in the deep waters that went on for miles? Remember the beautiful sunsets we'd watch everyday? All that time we spent together. I wish life could stay that way. 44.8836146, -93.2703497 Anonymous

Portland Avenue Poems

Poem Location Poet
Not finding the truth when looking up I searched the waters below From lake to ocean to river's edge The answer is to grow Electric sunsets fade to sea and lake Colors so deep your heart could break It doesn't matter how far away you are You're still guided by the North Star 44.880041N,93.268122W Carol Gronner
The WaterfalI see the little trickle as it falls onto the ground, it sparkles as it falls down and makes a pretty sound. I wish that I could own it but it always flows away, I wish to keep it with me but it never wants to stay. 44.871059,-93.2684420 Ethan Fairbairn
In the morning, you are wonder amidst soft light, your curiosity evokes new optimism, renewal In the afternoon, you are courageous in your joy; peace, your habitat In the afternoon, you move, you reach, you stretch; we grow In the evening, you are serenity, flush with the day’s light, warm in dusk and contentment 44,877958N,93.267841W Jared Shepherd
Rich with growth in our field of dreams Landmarks anchor amid evolving themes, Lakes, trails, techs and markets-o-fresh Where schools, pools and parks all mesh Under the water tower who speaks a song Welcome seekers, framers for you belong. 44.869182N,93.268188W Ann Tonskemper
Sidewalk Life The sidewalks of the city Like the heartbeat of a town, The footsteps of its people Beat a rhythm of its own. All of us together In this city built of stone Live and work and walk these streets Together, not alone. 44.876155N,93.267937W Sandy Clay
By the Wayside Sitting by the wayside, Thoughts guide, Moods glide, Daylight hours slide By the wayside While memories abide. 44.867213N,93.267883W Anita Sapp
READY… SET… GO Let us not forget What it was like To run And jump And play Sidewalk games All day… 44.876464, -93.268075 Karen Molosky
What if we met –on a different street at a different angle in a long since memory would I be you and you be I and me be you and you be me and us be us 44.865406N,93.268034W Claire Plank Gahler
Endless The journey starts here Wherever you are Small steps forward, destination afar Keep eyes on the prize Don’t ever let go To hopes and dreams if the going is slow Just where will you go? And what will you do? The endless options are waiting for you 44.874667N,93.268168W Bethany Schmoll
Like the Monarch From egg to caterpillar and caterpillar to butterfly the monarch transforms just like me. Two symmetrical wings has the monarch; Two languages have I. I will be bilingual; English and Spanish Both are important for my future. And like the monarch I will fly far Adapting to the environment where I am 44.865647, -93.268277 Melissa Compana
Wisdom Understands Delay Youth looks to the moment while wisdom understands delay. Accept your greatness accept it every day You have been called into service as the leader of mankind’s parade. Speak with confidence step boldly on your way Worry not about those not following wisdom understands delay. 44.872620N,93.267915W Tim Woldt
Be mindful Life is a beautiful journey Full of twists and turns Observe the details of nature Breathe Deeply Smell the air Listen Carefully Hug someone you love today 44.864009N,93.268284W Jerad Hill
Flowers bloom, wind swifts through air bees sip nectar and land on your nose the sweet fragrance of plants Bump of jump rope hitting sidewalk Looking through the window at everyone playing outside Critters come out from winter rain pitter-patters on the window as I play games waiting for it to stop Spring is happy for everyone 44.870801N,93.267937W Ellen Orzoff
SURVIVE C’mon, you and I; Us. We'll get through This together. Just hold on a little bit longer One of these days, I promise you that you’ll find the peace and happiness that you deserve. You deserve to be happy. You deserve it. Just hold on, don’t give up yet. You are strong enough to survive.  44.88361649133925, -93.27165426175685  Kathia Benitez Aguilar
This city is made of music You can hear it on the street You can hear it when the children play Their giggles always sound so sweet You can hear it when the people walk Their shoes slapping on their feet The elders tell tales of days gone by Their stories always such a treat This city is made of music Can you hear it too?  44.8833941121164, -93.2740588650032  Sarah Walz
I use to run not knowing where I was going I use to laugh with strangers I use to believe that this place was just a place Until I knew where I was going Until I found out the names of the people I was laughing with That's the day I realized everything in this place made this place, Home.  44.88358630808338, -93.2765160928194  Josie Torres
Home No matter how far you go, from the place you call home. No matter what you look like or what you believe is right, there is no place like home .No matter if it rains or pours, or what you have endured. Home is the best place to go, when everything else says no  44.88357577212306, -93.27920812352473  Jaden Wollmuth
In The North In the land of 10,000 lakes There is endless warmth of heart With endless new beginnings Where first steps will start In the north star state We are written in the sky Not every step backwards Will leave you behind 44.883581331523324, -93.28675577939819 Alexander Dahl
Winter's Balm There's no sound - the house is quiet. Sitting still we'd rather riot, With news of life in verdant bowers Or windows filled with glorious flowers. But supper's ready. Family nights Offer winter some respite, And the childrens' conversation Lifts us from preoccupation.  44.883255619951655, -93.2868403141987  Anonymous
It's a beautiful snowy day, a day turned into a week the snow is no longer white, but rather brown and mushy Oh but it snows again! And its a beautiful snowy day Kids jump and tackle the snow Snow forts and snowmans are built Who needs summer when you have snow a blissful wonderland is all you'll know 44.883685796478055, -93.27852381721974  Lizbeth Meyer
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Family: Memories gathered through the years with laughter, love and tears. Family life along the way, reminiscing for stories to relay. Stories are told, memories unfold. No matter where we roam family brings us back to home. 44.88360581120278, -93.27455212761068 Doris Arnold