Chime in on the Nicollet Ave project!

Open House #1 for the Nicollet Avenue reconstruction will be held at Augsburg Park Library (7100 Nicollet Ave) from 4pm – 7pm on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023. Project staff will be gathering input from the public on existing challenges and strengths of the current Nicollet Avenue corridor to identify focus areas for design improvements.

You can also participate in a virtual open house!

The Nicollet Avenue Reconstruction project is being led by Hennepin County in partnership with the City of Richfield to improve conditions for all people using the Nicollet Avenue corridor for travel. This Hennepin County project aims to:
☑ Replace deteriorating pavement surfaces and walks
☑ Enhance mobility and connections to planned and existing regional multi-modal routes and destinations
☑ Implement a dedicated bikeway
☑ Improve existing public utilities
☑ Improve intersection traffic control
☑ Implement traffic calming and safety measures
☑ Improve transit stops for current and future transit routes
☑ Leverage green infrastructure to achieve stormwater goals and enhance visual character