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Point of Sale Inspections

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Richfield Point of Sale Inspections

What is the "Point of Sale" Housing Inspection Program?
In 1989, The Richfield City Council passed an ordinance which requires that all single family and two-family homes in the City (including condominiums) that transfer title after October 1, 1990 be inspected by the City of Richfield Inspection Division and a Certificate of Housing Maintenance be obtained prior to the transfer of  ownership or closing.  The ordinance (Section 408.01) is also available for review.  An application form must be completed and returned to the City, along with the appropriate fee.

How Do I Arrange A Housing Inspection?

WHERE:    Richfield Municipal Center
                    6700 Portland Avenue
                    Richfield, MN.  55423  ----by mail or in person

HOW:        1.  Fill out an application
                   2. Submit fee in advance by cash, check or credit card. **Payment and application must be submitted                                  PRIOR to scheduling an appointment.**
                   3. Schedule an inspection - allow approximately 1 hour for the inspection and explanation.

WHEN:      Office Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
                    Monday - Friday
                    Contact Natalie Stanton at 612-861-9882 for further information





Do you have a specific question for a Point of Sale Inspector?


Jennifer Grinde | Housing Inspector
Ph: 612-861-9883

Alan Voracek | Housing Inspector
Ph: 612-861-9863